Join Our School Wellness Center

Dr. Morse’s Online School is expanding and YOU can be a part of it!

We're looking for educational video content on, for example:

  • Meditation, Qi Gong and other wellness practices
  • Fasting and juicing
  • Alternative health therapies that support detoxification
  • Raw food demonstration classes, transition recipes, etc.
  • Spirituality
  • Talks on various topics

All content must be in line with Dr. Morse’s Regenerative Detoxification teachings.

Can you create a test video featuring any of the above?

The videos should be ‘bite-sized’. For example:

  • one smoothie recipe or a few recipes for a day of eating
  • one type of meditation
  • one yoga exercise/position

General Guidelines

Each video you create must fall within the following guidelines:

  • Must be original content made for Dr. Morse’s school and not posted elsewhere
  • For recipe/food videos, no background music
  • Very minimum 10 mins long, max 1 hour
  • Videos must address the Dr. Morse community and be in alignment with Dr. Morse’s teachings
  • Videos in landscape mode, not portrait
  • Recipe videos should be geared towards helping people:
  • transitioning away from a SAD diet
  • during a detox
  • healthy recipes after a detox
  • recipes must be plant-based

Your video, if accepted, will be sold on Dr. Morse’s Online School with you receiving 70% of the fee and the school will receive 30% to pay for hosting, student support etc. This percentage is subject to change. You must be able to receive online payments such as PayPal etc. in order to receive your payments.

Getting Started

Each video you create must fall within the following guidelines:

You can upload your sample video by clicking the button below.

If your video is accepted you will be contacted for a Zoom interview with a view of becoming a contributor making regular videos and receiving an income as well!

Submitted a Video or Have Questions?

Once you've uploaded a sample video, let us know via this form. You can also ask any questions you may have.

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