Rosemarie “Pele” Chen, DS


Rosemarie “Pele” Chen is a 20-year high fruitarian. She consumes predominantly fruits, about 70% of her diet usually. She has used her diet to cure her body from 30 years of pain and suffering from dis-eases like anemia, migraines, gastroenteritis, colitis, hemorrhaging, tonsillitis, pink eye, ulcers, low blood pressure, kidney stones, chronic adrenal fatigue, constipation, uterine fibroids, rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, fibrocystic breasts, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, weekly flu symptoms, and even teeth loss.

She also learned, and was certified and licensed (where applicable,) to meditate (both in stillness and movement,) massage, detox and teach yoga, from several powerful teachers including but not limited to Jessica Unmaniji King, Ana Forrest, Cameron Shayne & Dr Robert Morse.

Through consumption, movement, and breath she discovered the amazing power those practices had on the bowels and then the overall health.

From sickness to health, without the aid of synthetic drugs was her experience. And on her journey, she documented the effects of different foods on her bowel movements and kidney filtration. Over time as a massage therapist she was able to get the same information from her massage, detox and yoga clients. It was through her studies of personal, graphic pictures and shared information, that she was able to create a deeper understanding of the bowel system and the effect of many different foods on its health.

In 2002 Pele graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health, where she attained her massage license. She went on to get certified as a Lifeskills Yoga teacher by Jessica Unmaniji King. And furthered her yoga training with Ana Forrest creator of Forrest Yoga and Cameron Shayne creator of Budokon MMA/Yoga Arts. Yoga brought many techniques of abdominal awareness and cleansing!
Qi-gong Foundation gave her her first introduction into healing with foods. A few years later she was destined to meet her detoxification guru, Dr Robert Morse ND. He deepened her understanding of how foods cause “healing crisis” and many other physical and mental changes which many misunderstand.

Becoming a bowel specialist came through passion as she watched her own health soar over the past 20 years, when her own bowels freed up and her bowel movements remained consistently arms length, odor free, on rising, before consuming anything, daily. Many bowel teachers follow the standard information shared by Bristol Stool Charts, but her studies prove those to be often inaccurate and hugely misinforming. She has evaluated hundreds, even a thousand, bowel movements, including her own over the past 20 years. And from this she was able to draw some conclusions about the connection between our health and how well we eliminate.

She hopes to spread this information to the world so that we can all be healthier, happier, wiser & ultimately wealthier!

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